Delta will operate up to 12 daily US flights to Italy at the peak of the summer season this year.

Delta’s busiest summer on Italy

This will make it the busiest summer ever in terms of the number of flights from the United States to Italy, which will rise to 12 per day during the peak season, making it one of Delta's most important destinations in Europe. 

“Italy is a market in which we believe a lot, and that's why this year we are launching the summer schedule with the highest number of flights ever operated,” says Frederic Schenk, Delta's regional sales manager for Southern Europe. 


Multiple daily connections between US and Italian cities

Flights resume today from Boston to Rome, with an additional frequency from New York (the second daily flight in addition to the annual flight operated from the capital) and from Atlanta to Milan, while on 12 March the services to Venice from New York start again and from 27 May there will be a second daily frequency to Rome from New York, which is already served by a year-round flight. From 11 April a second daily frequency from New York to Milan will operate, while on 8 May flights will launch to Venice from Atlanta and on 26 May the airline will add a third daily New York to Rome connection, while from 6 June Detroit will be linked to Fiumicino.   In addition to the summer schedule Delta operates annual flights to Milan Malpensa from New York JFK and to Rome Fiumicino from New York JFK and Atlanta.

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The focus is on long-haul, the centrality of the agency sales channel, the pursuit of quality and the creation of a product that is increasingly attentive to the needs of partners and of end consumers.

ITA Airways is entering a year that will mark its destiny - once the privatization negotiations are concluded - consolidating and expanding the development that started in October 2021. A first year, or little more, “that has been satisfying, thanks chiefly to the trade and the trust they have shown us,” says Emiliana Limosani, chief commercial officer ITA Airways. “We know that we can do much better by boosting the number of destinations, offering a product our trade partners can sell, and studying solutions that meet their needs. It is a challenge we will face together.”

What is ITA Airways offering in 2023?

"Well, let me say that that our growth stands at +73%, and is +107% on long-haul services. An increase that clearly goes hand in hand with the expansion of the fleet.”

What does the current booking trend show?

"Operationally we had a positive closure of 2022, with a regularity factor of 99% and an average punctuality of over 82%, and with peaks of 87% in December. We carried over 10 million passengers, and the financial year closed with higher revenues than the set targets. January was also a positive month, driven by the demand for summer holidays and for business travel. Advance bookings started months ago, and are continuing and consolidating, both for February and in particularly for April, Easter and the long weekends. It is very encouraging that of the daily week-on week-bookings 30-40% are for the summer.” 

Are there positive indicators also from the corporate world?

"Business traffic is certainly lagging behind leisure, and also behind what we were used to in pre-pandemic times, but there has been growth since the end of 2022, and it is continuing. We also see a recovery in the MICE sector which shows that companies are still willing to invest. It’s difficult to predict when there will be a full recovery, volumes are certainly far below those of 2019, but traffic is of a higher quality and willing to spend more on business travel."

Advance booking has been put to the test over the past two years....

"The lack of advance planning was one of the critical issues in the pandemic years, for everyone. Being able to count on advance booking is fundamental. So, in addition to responding to the rise in fares and to costs in general, there will be a campaign on several fronts, chiefly with regard to pricing, and it will reward those who book well in advance for the summer season and also for the coming winter.”

Is there anything new regarding pricing?

"We are trying to offer a quality product both in terms of connections and frequencies, but we also want to offer more flexibility to our customers. In particular on short-haul and medium-haul - but the same applies to all our destinations - we have been working on new fares that are increasingly customized for different target customers. For a few months now with the Economy Light fare it has been possible to change tickets for an extra charge of €65. In the case of the Economy Classic - again on domestic routes - changes will be possible for an additional €30.

What’s new and what is the weight of your long-haul on overall revenue?

"For intercontinental routes it is around 45% of ITA’s overall revenue. This summer we will have 68 destinations, of which 22 domestic, 36 international and 10 intercontinental. After the latest openings on Malè and New Delhi, it will be Washington's turn from 2 June with five weekly A330 flights that will become daily in August, followed by San Francisco from 1 July with three flights a week that will become five in high season. These will be operated by our flagship A350s. These two new additions will join the destinations already served in North America, with Boston, Miami and Los Angeles in addition to New York, operated from both Fiumicino and Milan Malpensa. Moving forward, the new Rome-Rio de Janeiro will take off on 29 October, adding another leisure destination to Sao Paulo and Buenos Aires.

You mentioned the expansion of the fleet: how is it progressing?

"In 2023 there will be 33 new aircraft in the ITA Airways fleet, eight for long haul and 25 for short and medium haul. The commitment to have a fleet with 80% new aircraft by 2026 still stands, and by the end of this year 50% of our fleet will be new. The first A220s have already arrived, and by the end of February the first A320neo with our blue livery, dedicated to Giacinto Facchetti, will be in service.

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ITA Airways will add a third flight from JFK to Fiumicino from 1 June bringing Rome-New York flights from two to three a day. 

Four daily and 28 weekly Big Apple-Italy flights

With the daily connection operated from New York JFK to Milan Malpensa, this brings the number of daily ITA Airways flights between the Big Apple and Italy to four, for a total of 28 weekly. The third service to Rome will be operated by an Airbus A330.

ITA will fly from New York, Washington and San Francisco this summer

North America is thus confirmed as the focus of the company's investments this summer, which also brings with it the opening of new routes from Washington to Rome Fiumicino (from 2 June with 5 weekly frequencies that will become daily in August) and from San Francisco (from 1 July with 3 weekly frequencies that will increase to 5 from August). The two new intercontinental destinations will be operated from Washington with the Airbus A330 and from San Francisco with the Airbus A350.

“A very high inbound demand, and competitive fares”

The US has always been the most important market for ITA Airways after Italy, - said Emiliana Limosani, chief operating officer ITA Airways, - with a very high demand from inbound traffic and an outgoing component towards the US destinations that is always very high. And we also serve some neighbouring European countries through Fiumicino, offering quality products with new and technologically advanced aircraft. We work hard on digitalization, both to the end customer and to the trade, and also on the competitiveness of fares. It is a market where there is always room for growth. And we welcome competition.”

Poster and web advertising for the US market

ITA Airways has launched an advertising campaign, that will air on posters and on the web, until 26 March in New York and Miami. The ads create a direct link between the national airline and Italy, through the appeal and beauty of Italian destinations and the sensations they inspire. This summer ITA Airways will fly to 68 destinations, of which 22 are domestic, 36 international and 10 intercontinental.

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Ryanair has announced a new Rome Ciampino-Liverpool route that will operate twice a week from April as part of its summer 2023 operations. 

Rome Ciampino-Liverpool fares start from just €29.99

To celebrate, Ryanair has launched a limited time promotion for customers looking to book early to get a bargain for the 2023 summer holidays, with fares starting from just €29.99 available now on Ryanair.com. 

“We are giving Rome-based customers even more choice when planning their summer holidays” 

Mauro Bolla, Country Manager for Italy, said: 

"With Easter and Summer 2023 approaching, we are delighted to offer even more choice and value to our Italian customers with this new route to Liverpool. We are also giving Rome-based customers even more choice when planning their long-awaited summer holidays. To celebrate this good news, we have launched a limited time promotion for customers who want to book early for their summer holidays.”

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It really is an all-Italian summer for United Airlines, which is adding a second daily New York-Naples flight to its already packed summer schedule from the Big Apple.

“The new daily Naples flight will have 46 seats in business”

“The new flight on the Newark-Capodichino will operate from 23 June to 7 September with a Boeing 767-300 High J, with more seats in business class,” says Walter Cianciusi, Italy country sales manager United Airlines.  The flight, with 46 seats in business, 22 in premium class, and 99 in economy will therefore be added during the peak of the summer season to the flight operating from 6 May and “responds to the very high demand from the United States. it will also guarantee more choice and options for Italian passengers bound for the US.”

The new service will take-off from Newark at 22.15 and arrive in Naples at 13.00; depart from Capodichino at 15.00 and land in the US at 19.05.

The San Francisco-Rome flight will debut on 26 May

The Italian summer of United Airlines also brings with it the long-awaited debut of the San Francisco-Rome Fiumicino route:

"We will be the first and only American carrier to connect the West Coast with Italy: a historic event both for us, who have one of our hubs in San Francisco, and for the Italian market.” The connection will be daily from 26 May and operated with a Boeing 777 with an expected “purely leisure clientele, although we hope the route will also be attractive to corporate passengers. And it will mainly be, at least initially, inbound traffic to Italy.” 

New York-Venice to resume from 26 April

The summer season will therefore see an increase in capacity on the Italian market of 25-30% (this figure does not yet include the second daily flight to Naples. Ed.). In addition to the annual flights from Newark to Milan Malpensa and Rome, the Washington-Rome flight will resume from March, and the New York-Venice flight from 26 April, as well as connections from Chicago, both to Rome and Milan and the Naples routes.” 

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So yes: no more traffic, no more queues, no more stress. Being stuck in a taxi in the traffic in the centre of Milan or Rome will no longer be a problem. At least from 2026 when the Winter Olympics will see the first electric flying taxis come into operation.  Italy (starting with Rome) will be one of the first countries in the world to launch this futuristic and sustainable urban mobility service which is neither science fiction nor unthinkable - as it might have been in the Boomers generation’s literary or cinematographic imagination - but is already a reality, albeit at an experimental level. How? On board mega-drones capable of carrying two people, the pilot and a passenger, who will then become just two passengers as the aircraft will travel along pre-established routes without the need for a pilot, as is already the case with the latest generation of subways. 

Enac, the Italian national civil aviation authority,  has an airport plan that has already identified the first cities where the flying taxis will take off: Milan, with two urban vertiports (near CityLife and at Porta Romana) as well as two at Linate and Malpensa the two city airports.  Rome will have two urban vertiports and one at Fiumicino airport, and then it will be the turn of Turin, Venice, Bari and Cortina, with another 46 provinces close to Milan, Rome, Venice, Turin and Bari upgrading 186 existing facilities  and becoming vertiports.

For the time being we are talking about short journeys of 10-15 minutes over the average distance between the airport and the city centre: a decidedly competitive timeframe compared to current road transport. Prices could initially be around €120-150 per passenger then dropping to €70-80 euros in line with the availability of a premium clientele, at least in the start-up stage. So all we have to do is wait, The future is closer than ever.

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EasyJet ups its game in Italy by adding eight international routes for next summer. The five airports expanding their summer offerings are Milan Malpensa and Naples Capodichino, the first two easyJet bases in Italy, as well as Palermo, Bari, and Ancona.

La Coruna is the start of the Camino di Santiago de Compostela

Milan Malpensa is easyJet's main hub in continental Europe, and flights for to La Coruna will take off for the first time on March 28th to this city which inspired the young Picasso. It is also the start of one of the two itineraries on the famous Camino de Santiago de Compostela, and will be reachable with two weekly flights on Tuesdays and Saturdays.

Four new international routes, and Zurich returns

There are also four new international routes from Naples: Birmingham, Porto, and Pola, as well as the resumption of Zurich flights which will be operational again on May 29. All these new connections will have bi-weekly frequencies. Palermo will have an easyJet connection to Porto every Saturday beginning July 1, while Bari will have two weekly flights on Mondays and Fridays starting on June 26. Finally, from July 3 the Ancona-London Gatwick flight will resume with two weekly frequencies, on Mondays and Fridays.

“The prospects are for growth, returning to pre-Covid levels”

“During the pandemic, it was a very competitive situation and our offer was consolidated,” says country manager Italia Lorenzo Lagorio. “We want to maintain it by guaranteeing customers the best product, with more frequencies and the best times. This summer we will fly to 19 Italian airports, including Lampedusa. We have 33 planes in Italy, with our main base in Malpensa, as well as Naples and Venice. The overall passenger numbers expected are similar to those seen in summer 2019, but our network has evolved: thethe  prospects are for growth, returning to pre-Covid levels.”

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Lufthansa’s offer for ITA Airways, with an initial minority stake, finally arrived on the evening of 18 January.

The final step would seem to be total control of ITA Airways

However the German aviation giant would seem to have the intention of moving to total control of the Italian airline, which in October 2021 took over from Alitalia and is currently 100% in the hands of the Italian state.  In an official note the Lufthansa group announced that it had “submitted a letter of intent to the Italian Ministry of Economy and Finance” in which it stressed that “should both parties decide to sign the MOU, further negotiations and discussions will be conducted on an exclusive basis.” 

The initial investment should be around €350 million for 40% of ITA Airways

The Cologne-based group specifies that the offer envisages taking over a minority stake in ITA Airways, before moving on to fully control it later, but it does not provide details. "Further in-depth talks will therefore focus primarily on the forms and modalities of the possible equity investment, the commercial and operational integration of ITA Airways into the Lufthansa Group and the resulting synergies." Rumours would have it that the Germans' initial investment will be around €350 million for 40% of the company.

Italy is one of the most attractive tourist destinations in Europe

The ball is now in court of the Italian Ministry of Economy and Finance, which has confirmed receipt of the offer, and “reserves the right to examine the congruity of the offer in compliance with the requirements of the Dpcm. No other offers arrived by the deadline.” The Lufthansa Group highlights how Italy is “the most important market outside of domestic markets and the United States (...) The desire to integrate ITA Airways into the group's companies lies in the country's strong global trade, business and private travel, strong export-oriented economy and in being one of the most attractive tourist destinations in Europe.”

More news about yhe company airline

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Rome is the undeniable object of desire for countless tourists from all over the world and, in particular, for US visitors. This summer the Eternal City, the stunning setting for Audrey Hepburn's Roman Holiday, Gladiator, La Dolce Vita and, more recently, La Grande Bellezza, was once again the protagonist of US airlines' growth, with a capacity that topped pre-Covid 2019 levels.

But what really stands out is a new direct flight from San Francisco which is an absolute first for United Airlines, "the first and only US carrier to operate a direct flight to Rome, with daily flights from 26 May," says Walter Cianciusi, United's Italy country sales manager. And the US carrier will find itself competing with ITA Airways, which is ready to debut on the same route from 1 July with up to five weekly flights. Thus confirming “the consolidation of our expansion towards the US, which is ITA’s leading international market,” says CCO Emiliana Limosani.

The two airlines are preparing to fill a significant gap: San Francisco is the largest destination in North America not directly served from Rome, just as Rome is the largest market not served by San Francisco.

The expectations? High, of course, and the timing would seem propitious: "Italy is experiencing a moment of great visibility in the United States, not just because of the favourable exchange rate, but also because of the long wave of desire for post-pandemic travel," says Cianciusi. 

But that's not all. Further interest from potential US tourists - just in case it was needed - is, he added  thanks to "the success of the second edition of the TV series The White Lotus (aired by HBO in November and December 2022. Ed.) which is set in Taormina, “and has further heightened the desire of American travellers, especially the high-end market."


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Passengers departing from Venice airport will pay a €2.50 surcharge on their flight ticket from 1 April 2023, whether they are residents or not. 

The tax will raise gross revenues of €11.5 million annually

The introduction of the tax, according to City Council estimates, will raise a gross revenue of €11.5 million a year. The tax will be collected by the airport's management company, Save, which will receive a commission (an agreement on this still has to be finalised).

“The tax will remain in force for several years” 

"Municipalities with a per capita debt of more than €1,000 can introduce new measures, and the adoption of the boarding tax is subject to the signing of an agreement between the mayor and the president of the Council,” said budget councillor Michele Zuin. 

The tax will remain in force for several years and will be used to pay off the Venice municipality's debt, which amounted to €269 million on 31 December 2020.

Venice airport will close 2022 with 9.2 million passengers 

Meanwhile, for the current winter season up to next 25 March, Venice airport has flights to 73 destinations and operations by 34 scheduled carriers for a total seat capacity in the 2019/20 winter season, similar to that of the last pre-winter season. This confirms the progressive trend of the recovery of traffic volumes which started in the summer and will see Venice airport to close 2022 with 9.2 million passengers, equal to 80% of 2019.

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