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Anche quest'anno ItaliAbsolutely by Travel Quotidiano sarà presente e diffuso in formato cartaceo in occasione della Fiera di Rimini del 12/14 Ottobre 2022 "TTG-Travel Experience" e a Londra il 7/9 Novembre 2022 al "World Travel Market".

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ItaliAbsolutely.com is a new concept from the Italian publishers of Travel Quotidiano, a leading Italian trade paper for more than 30 years.

This new travel digital hub with in-depth news and views, opinions and inspirations is aimed at travel specialists who design and sell Italy.

It is a cutting-edge digital tool facilitating access to the best of Italy, and it can help you to grow your business.

The site has the patronage of Enit, the Italian Tourism Agency, in recognition of its role in promoting Italy to the world.

ItaliAbsolutely.com – Amazing Italy at your fingertips!  


Italy has the world’s highest concentration of tourist destinations and attractions. From food and wine to great art cities, from Unesco World Heritage to archaeological sites, and from its Mediterranean coastline to its mountains, this stunning country is among the top choices for international travellers.

Professionals organizing Italian tours often waste a lot of time searching for facts and ideas. And not all of them get the chance to visit Italy or do business at travel shows and events. Now they have ItaliAbsolutely, an authoritative source showcasing in English what Italy has to offer and what’s happening on the travel scene.

ItaliAbsolutely. The new one-stop solution for travel professionals.     

What you will find in ItaliAbsolutely:                                                                          

894ee223 1647 c065 687a d80775a55555Travel News

Everything you need to know from and about Italy. All the latest travel talk, news and experiences from tour operators, hotels, airlines, cruise lines, car rentals and more, and with hot tips from industry movers and shakers.
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e10e5010 f8ee 428f 8d32 d75b904a2e5bInspirations

Travel ideas for immersive trips and unforgettable holidays. Offbeat tours and inspiring journeys and videos, spectacular destinations and outstanding hotels. This is the Italy we bring you!
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de7f569c 3aeb a7d5 c736 dba080fc25e8Value Packages

We put you in contact with specialized tour operators, opening up a world of exciting and original travel packages.
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To stay up to date with travel news, tips and offers in Italy, and you could join us for a webinar or a fam trip...

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La Collina dei Ciliegi

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