The 61st International Chamber Music Festival in Cervo in the Liguria region will end on 5 September.

Music and performances for all tastes

In addition to the chamber music repertoire there will be jazz concerts, theatrical performances, and events for children. Twenty-one performances in all, in collaboration with international artists, in five different venues of the highest artistic and scenic significance will make the 2024 Festival calendar a highly appealing one for all tastes. 


The spotlight will also be on young talents 

The International Chamber Music Festival combines music and culture with the beauty of the landscape of the little town of Cervo with 21 performances in various suggestive venues like the former Fortress Church of San Pietro in Lingueglietta. There will also be space for young talents and student-led projects. And this year’s innovative calendar ranges over various musical genres, from chamber music to jazz to auteur music to theatre, linking them to evocative historical commemorations.

Unique venues for concerts and plays

Many of the performances will provide the audience with unique experiences. The concert on 11 August will take the public into the Oratory of Santa Caterina. La Monella, with the participation of Margherita Pupulin and Il Violino Fantastico, will take the form of a candlelit concert. This is a co-production with the Fondazione Pietà de' Turchini of Naples, one of the most important cultural groups active in the field of early music research and production.

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The Tuscan Maremma’s summer includes performances in the Teatro delle Rocce in the Colline Metallifere National Park.

Discovering the Maremma’s Metalliferous Hills

In this multi-thematic area visitors can embark on a 5000-year-long journey through history, mining, nature and innovation to discover the Colline Metallifere metalliferous hills. The territory over which the park extends touches seven municipalities in Tuscany’s northern area, in the province of Grosseto: Monterotondo Marittimo, Montieri, Massa Marittima, Roccastrada, Gavorrano, Follonica and Scarlino. 

teatro delle rocce

Links to Dante’s Purgatory 

Each town has a gateway to the park and a reception centre from which the various visit itineraries depart. Gavorrano, located on Monte Calvo, is a particularly interesting village which was the cradle of the events that led to the death of the Sienese noblewoman Pia de' Tolomei, a story narrated by Dante in the fifth canto of Purgatory.

The Teatro delle Rocce is in the Gavoranno area

In the Gavorrano area there is also another place that is truly unique in terms of its charm and fascination: the Teatro delle Rocce theatre which was inaugurated in 2003 and has become one of the symbols of the Colline Metallifere National Park. Built inside an old quarry, it is now a cultural space, and every summer it stages plays, concerts, dance performances, conferences, art exhibitions and major events. 

teattro delle rocce 3

An evening with singer-songwriter Francesco De Gregori 

For the summer of 2024, the Teatro delle Rocce is ready to host various shows and welcome back the singer-songwriter Francesco De Gregori on 23 August. Visitors wanting to attend this unmissable appointment can also choose to stay at The Sense Experience Resort in Follonica which is less than 30 minutes from Gavorrano. 


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The Cyprianerhof Dolomit Resort in Val di Tires opened its first Culture Week in June with concerts, workshops, theatre and music in the new Culture Lounge.

Bringing artistic performances to guests

The 5-star resort in Tires al Catinaccio is the first property in South Tyrol to host a programme of cultural events open not only to hotel guests but to the entire community: "Bringing artistic experiences here to the Cyprianerhof is a gateway for creativity, inspiration and fun,-  explains Diego Villegas, culture manager of Cyprianerhof Dolomit Resort and creator of the Culture Week. 

ph credits: Günter Standl

“We want to contribute to enriching the area’s artistic landscape”

“Another of our goals is to create a bond with the local community: both local artists and local residents, who are always welcome at our cultural events. We want to make our contribution to enriching the area’s artistic landscape.”

Mountain walks, climbing and excursions

By day a library and a space for smart working, in the evening the Culture Lounge hosts cultural events of all kinds, leaving room for young talent. The resort, located in the heart of the Dolomites, offers guests mountain walks and excursions of various levels, via ferrata and climbing while the Similde Spa is immersed in nature and has a panoramic sauna overlooking the Dolomites which are a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
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The Gardens of Trauttmansdorff Castle in Merano in the mountains of South Tyrol are the ideal destination for families and children. 

Activities and attractions

Covering an area of 12 hectares and with 80 botanical environments with plants from all over the world, the Gardens never cease to intrigue and surprise even the smallest of children, with entertaining yet informative activities and innovative attractions that stimulate their curiosity and make it easier for them to learn about the botanical world.  Walking through the Gardens, children will discover the four thematic areas  and  numerous attractions that will stimulate their fantasy and imagination, including the adventure bridge which is a suspension bridge swaying in the void.

Children can enter a giant beehive

Gardens of Trauttmansdorff Castle

The Gardens are home to numerous animal species such as alpacas, colourful arrow frogs, Zackel sheep and leaf insects. In the South Tyrolean Landscapes area, there is a giant beehive containing a reproduction of a beehive in which children can enter and observe up close, in safety of course, a colony of 60,000 bees at work and raise their awareness, while having fun, of the importance of their role in our ecosystem.

How plants grow and a terrarium

In the Underground Kingdom of Plants, amidst twists and turns the multimedia trail with sudden noises and plays of light, accompanies children on a discovery of the main elements that, underground, are essential for the growth of plants. In the Woods of the World area, in addition to the greenhouse with a terrarium, there is also an area dedicated to ferns, with some rare specimens. 

mini I Giardini di Castel Trauttmansdorff 2

A Japanese garden and the Museum of Alpine tourism

Continuing on they reach the Japanese garden where children can have fun crossing the stream barefoot. They then come to the entrance to Trauttmansdorff Castle, the winter residence of the Empress Sissi and now home to the Touriseum, the provincial museum of tourism, which tells the story of Alpine tourism over the last 250 years in an interactive and dynamic itinerary. And at the end of the museum tour there is a surprise for the little ones: a giant wooden pinball machine.

ph credits: Karlheinz Sollbauerph credits: Karlheinz Sollbauer

Favourable family rates

Every Wednesday in July and August, at 10.30 a.m., the Gardens offer guided family tours with a final workshop abd creative activities for children. The cost of the tour is €8.50 per person and is free of charge for children under the age of 18. It is for a maximum of two adults per family. In addition to the cost of the guided tour, there is an entrance fee. The family ticket of €36.00 allows two adults and children under 18 to enter. And with the seasonal mini-ticket families have the opportunity to enter the gardens several times at a special price. For information: www.trauttmansdorff.it.

mini Touriseum

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For more than a century Switzerland has been a treasure trove of ambitious engineering projects, and the Rhaetian Railway, which is universally known for its two routes, the Bernina and the Albula, became a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2008. Every year these routes attract hundreds of thousands of tourists from all over the world who discover Switzerland’s green valleys, impervious gorges, lakes, glaciers, bridges and the incredible spiral viaducts that seem to touch the sky.

The Bernina Express, the flagship of the Rhaetian Railway, connects Tirano, which is the gateway to the Valtellina valley, to St. Moritz and Chur, the oldest city in Switzerland and the capital of the Grisons Canton. It then covers a further 200 kilometres and more to the resorts of Arosa, Davos and  Scuol which is a stunning spa resort in the Lower Engadine.

Bernina ExpressBernina Express on the Brusio Viaduct (Bernina Line)

The little Rhaetian Railway red trains have become a favourite with Italian and German tourists, for both of whom the journey is an easy day trip. It is also a prized destination for travellers from as far away as Asia. Because, numbers in hand, no other Swiss destination has as many passengers as the Rhaetian Railway. 

"A success that started some thirty years ago, when we first marketed our train in Italy," says Enrico Bernasconi, the Rhaetian Railway's representative for Italy.
mini Bernina Express interno
"The pace picked up in 2007 in anticipation of the UNESCO candidacy, with Italy and Germany gaining in importance, the former considered at the time an emerging market, where forms of excursion tourism could be developed, the latter already the railway's main catchment area, after Switzerland.”   


"In 2006, the Italian market was 3% of our business, today it is 20%, the highest increase of all our markets. This sees Italy in third place, but very close to the second place which is still Germany, which comes after the Swiss market, or rather the Swiss point-of-sale, as it also includes all sales to international tourists who find themselves in Switzerland. The Rhaetian Railway is everyone's dream: sales have continued to grow, both in terms of passenger numbers and revenue, with over 300,000 Italians every year. And after the pandemic 80% of the bookings - both individuals and groups – rescheduled their departures, adding to the strong demand for bookings this year.”

What is the Rhaetian Railway’s appeal?

mini Bernina Express sul Viadotto di Landwasser Linea Albula 1 Bernina Express on the Landwasser Viaduct (Albula Line)  

"The proximity, the perception of Switzerland as a safe and quality destination, competitive prices for an experience that can be enjoyed over a short period of time. And, last but not least, the growing focus on sustainable travel. We are ecological par excellence, our environmental impact is zero, and we even produce the electricity to run our trains by taking the water from Lake Bianco.
Our commitment is to limit as far as possible any fall-off in quality potentially caused by high demand, which means that we find ourselves having to say no to travel agencies and tour operators, although their clients have been asking for seats on the Bernina Express for months. And then there are passengers who choose to travel standing, for which reservations are not required.
So we have come up with valid alternatives, starting with the Albula route, which is an itinerary through landscapes that are just as idyllic. Passengers who have so far taken this route have been more than satisfied, actually beyond our wildest expectations. Then, at the end of 2026, with the change of the railway timetable on the Bernina route, we will be introducing trains every 30 minutes in both directions (instead of every hour as is the case today) with a considerable increase in the number of available seats.
The future is clear, all that remains is “to count on the collaboration of our trade partners, whom we thank and to whom we ask a little more patience to get through the two years that will take us to 2026.”
Bernina Express near Bergün (Albula Line)Bernina Express near Bergün (Albula Line)

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The fifth edition of the Phygital Sustainability Expo, held in Rome, put the spotlight on the advancement of sustainable practices in the tourism sector and on Made in Italy. 

A hundred speakers from 17 countries

With panels of experts, institutional and political personalities including the minister of tourism Daniela Santanché, the event explored the intersections between sustainability, technological innovation and cultural traditions, outlining new directions for a more sustainable and globally competitive future. More than a hundred speakers from 17 countries took part and what emerged is how the sector can evolve towards sustainable practices that respect the environment and improve the tourism experience, also highlighting the essential contribution of Made in Italy.

“We have earmarked over €5 million for sustainable tourism”

"Tourism is inextricably linked to sustainability,- said minister Daniela Santanchè. -The ISTAT data that has just been published shows us the sector's state of health: in 2023 we had a historical record with over 134 million arrivals and 451 million overnights. We must continue to work together and innovate, especially in terms of sustainability. This is why we have earmarked over €5 million for sustainable tourism.” 

Valeria ManganiValeria Mangani organizer of the Expo and president of Sustainable Fashion Innovation Society

The important role of international tour operators

Valeria Mangani organizer of the Expo and president of Sustainable Fashion Innovation Society, said the event was a driver for Roman tourism also thanks to the support it receives from international tour operators. "Thanks to the combination of tourism, fashion, and sustainability we contribute to creating an important induced activity.  Many tour operators have used the event to create five-night packages of fashion, tourism, culture, sustainability, and experiences, and they have met a lot of interest especially in Northern Europe and the UK.”  

press conference alessandro onorato phygital rome

Events are on the rise in Rome

"Rome is experiencing a very positive wave," said Alessandro Onorato, Rome's councillor for sport, tourism, major events and fashion. "Today events are really picking up again in Rome, although there is still a hole in the production chain that needs to be filled,” adding that there is a need for closer cooperation between the institutions, for example by favouring the creation of tax-privileged districts to encourage large brands to invest in the capital.

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The 5-star luxury hotel EALA, My Lakeside Dream in Limone sul Garda has been awarded two Michelin Keys.  

EALA for an exceptional stay

The EALA is the only property on Lake Garda to be awarded this new award dedicated to hospitality that has identified EALA as "an exceptional stay." The new section of the Michelin Guide dedicated to hôtellerie highlights extraordinary hotel and travel experiences on the basis of five criteria: refinement in architecture and design, quality and solidity of service, personality and character in style, coherence between price and the experience offered, and the relevance of the establishment in the context of the location."We are delighted with the recognition,- says owner Davide Rossi  - it places us among the best hotels in Italy, and in particular on Lake Garda. We will continue with passion on this path of quality.” 

EALA, My Lakeside Dream

The only 5-star hotel with direct access to Lake Garda

Adult-friendly and with a special focus on ecology, EALA offers exclusive stays on picturesque Lake Garda as well as gourmet cuisine from chef Alfio Ghezzi. The hotel has 67 rooms including junior suites and suites, a spa and it is the only 5-star hotel with direct access to Lake Garda. Owned by the Risatti family, EALA which means swan in the Celtic language, expresses royalty, peace and purity and offers an experience of total well-being in a luxury property.

“We are the only property on Lake Garda to get Two Keys”

"We are proud to have received this important international recognition from such an authoritative voice as Michelin, - says hotel manager Roberto Tebaldini. -It is a great achievement, the credit for which certainly goes to the team, with the contribution of the Risatti family.  We are the only property on Lake Garda to have received the Two Keys: a considerable satisfaction for the Garda area, as well as a boost of positivity for the future." For information:  https://www.ealalakegarda.com/

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The Garden Toscana Resort, located in San Vincenzo (Livorno), on the Etruscan Coast, announces its collaboration with the Società Parchi Val di Cornia.

Experimental archaeology workshops

The aim of the collaboration is to boost awareness of the historical, natural and cultural heritage of the Etruscan civilization. Parchi Val di Cornia is responsible for the cultural, environmental, and tourist enhancement of the parks and museums that include the Archaeological Park of Baratti and Populonia and the Archaeological Museum of Piombino. Starting in June, and for the entire summer, guests of the Garden Toscana Resort - Italy's largest garden village - will be able to enjoy experimental archaeology workshops in the Baratti and Populonia Archaeological Park. 

Introducing guests to an ancient civlization

"The collaboration with Garden Toscana,- says Mauro Tognoli, CEO of the Società Parchi Val di Cornia, -is part of the broader development and expansion of the Società Parchi's activities. We believe we can boost visitor numbers to our sites.”  The aim of the collaboration is to introduce the resort's guests to the world of this ancient civilization that, with its traditions and techniques, inhabited this area of Tuscany for centuries, says Luca Tonelli, general manager of the Garden Toscana Resort. 

ph credits: Nicola Guidiph credits: Nicola Guidi

Children can become potters for a day

The workshops will allow children to become "potters for a day,” approaching the different techniques of working with ceramics and learning how to model clay using the ancient "colombino" technique.  There is also a writers’ workshop to discover the most interesting aspects of the alphabet and learn how to write their own name in Etruscan as well as trying their hand at using ancient techniques to make an amulet. Resort guests will be able to access the archaeological sites and museums managed by Parchi Val di Cornia thanks to a special promotion and will be able to purchase entrance tickets for the various experiences directly at the hotel.

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Following its Sicilian debut, Accor's Movenpick will open the Palace Hotel in Bari (Apulia). 

The property will be branded by Accor 

The development of the Movenpick brand in Italy continues. After the announcement of the Mondello Palace Hotel in Palermo, which is expected to debut in the third quarter of this year, the rebranding of the Palace Hotel in Bari has also been announced. The property has been closed since January 2022, but a couple of months ago the Greenblu Group signed a 20-year lease agreement with the owners the Di Cagno Abbrescia family's Saiga company. The rent, the Italian daily La Repubblica reveals, should be around €1.5 million per year. Greenblu, however, has also committed to upgrading the building, for a total investment of some €7 million, to be deducted from the rent. Greenblu then entered into a franchise agreement with the Accor group brand.

Expanding the square footage of the rooms

The plan is to reduce the number of rooms from the original 198 to 180 thus expanding the square footage, with the aim of both improving the quality of the space and approaching families as well as congress and international tourism. The eighth floor of the building will be reserved for suites and the spa, while a bistro serving local and international cuisine will be created on the ground floor. Work is expected to start by the end of this month, with the hotel scheduled to reopen in 2025 as a four-star hotel. Greenblu is also acting as a white label company of an Accor brand for the Mercure President in Lecce.

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Villa Lario Resort is the five-star boutique hotel immersed in a private park on the sunniest shore of Lake Como, and is ideal for a stay of relaxation, nature, history and haute cuisine.

Two restaurants for gourmet and informal dining

In Mandello del Lario the Villa is a 20th-century manor house, offering luxury stays and fine dining helmed by executive chef Luca Mozzanica in the hotel's flagship Amandus restaurant. With eleven tables and seating for twenty-six, the gourmet restaurant is open only for dinner and by reservation only, both for guests of the Villa and for those not staying at the hotel but who wish to enjoy a refined dinner that combines tradition and modernity. For a more informal dinner there is the Grill & Lounge Restaurant, reserved for hotel guests and also ideal for an aperitif or to end the evening with an after-dinner beverage.


Nine suites and two beaches

Villa Lario Resort has nine exclusive luxury suites with fine furnishings and refined finishings: five in the Villa, with a large terrace and a view of the Lario, two in the Darsena, a stone's throw from the lake, and two in the Grotta, for an unprecedented holiday experience. Set in a 10,000 sqm park the property has a private mooring on the lake and two beaches with direct access, as well as a swimming pool, solarium and heliport. 

mini Tour privato Barca veneziana 1

Boating excursions and local history 

Strategic for enjoying walks in nature in the surrounding mountains, or for boating excursions to discover  the beauties of the Lario, the resort also pays homage to places dear to literary giant Manzoni thanks to the recent installation Lucia125, which celebrates not only the young protagonist of Manzoni’s The Betrothed, but also the boat that is the symbol of Lake Como and part of the local heritage.












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