Rovigo and the Po Delta. Exploring the handsome Veneto city and its seductive water labyrinth 

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Exploring the city of Rovigo and the Po Delta, which is a seductive water labyrinth, brings you into contact with a world where "the land does not begin and the sea does not end."

Rovigo may well be less conspicuous than other towns in the Veneto region, but it is a must-see for its appealing artistic, cultural and environmental attractions.

Vittorio Emanuele Square Rovigo Veneto ItalyVittorio Emanuele Square Rovigo

Medieval architecture and fortifications

The architectural evidence along the city streets tells of a settlement that began as an Episcopal feud to which were then added many monuments and palaces during the Middle Ages. The Torre Donà tower, which is the city's emblem, and the Torre Mozza which are the remains of the ancient medieval fortifications can still be admired today.

The Accademia dei Concordi is an important art gallery

Signaling traces of Venetian days, in the city centre we find the elegant Palazzo Roncale, while Palazzo Roverella marks the peak of the affirmation of Ferrara-Emilian architecture in Rovigo. The Poverella Palace, which has been restored, is the new home of the Accademia dei Concordi art gallery, one of the most important in the Veneto region and a venue for prestigious contemporary exhibitions.

Churches and bell towers

Of particular interest is the Sanctuary of the Beata Vergine del Soccorso, known as the Rotonda due to its octagonal plan, which is flanked by the Longhena bell tower. 

Not far away we come to the Duomo, which was the first church to be built in Rovigo and which was enlarged and rebuilt several times until it became the current 18th-century building which houses an important art collection.

A museum dedicated to rural civilizations

If you are looking for a quiet corner, you can visit the Monastero Olivetano di San Bartolomeo, which is a delightful an oasis of peace and ideal for a contemplative break. To get to know Rovigo and its traditions, a visit to the Museo dei Grandi Fiumi (Museum of the Great Rivers) is a must. It is dedicated to the history of the rural civilizations that were suspended between land and water and had strong links to the rhythms of the river Po and the nearby sea.


The Po Delta is Europe’s largest wetland

The Po Delta is a complex territory, and for this reason it is perhaps not easy to explore. It is in fact a water labyrinth, a place where "the land does not begin and the sea does not end." These are places of strong contrasts that convey seduction, magic and wonder. An immense expanse representing the largest wetland area in Europe and in the Mediterranean, it covers 786 square kilometres of which more than 120 are protected as a regional park. 

A unique and ancient landscape

The delta is a nature wonderland, and its environmental aspects are closely connected with the important and continuous human interventions on the territory, which over the millennia have left significant traces on the delta’s landscape. In the variety of environments and artefacts that together create this unique landscape, there is one that is the symbol of the hard-working and courteous people of the Delta and what they have done and will continue to do to build and preserve this land: the Cà Vendramin which is home to the Regional Museum of Land Reclamation.

Ancient villages and an archaeological museum

Among the many places where nature is at its most "natural" we can list the coastal Botanical Garden of Porto Caleri, the Golena di Cà Pisani, the fossil dunes, and the Bocche di Po Nature Reserve. Inland you can find fascinating ancient villages, such as the historic centre of the city of Adria, which gave its name to the Adriatic Sea and is home to the National Archaeological Museum with Etruscan, Celtic, Greek and Roman finds. Also of interest are Loreo, a former stronghold of the Republic of Venice, and San Basilio an ancient stopping post on the Via Popilia, which is now a popular tourist attraction. 

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