Bluserena’s collaboration to develop the corporate ESG strategy in cooperation with the real estate consultancy Savills has kicked off. 

"Sustainability is at the core of our operations” 

This collaboration creates a framework that integrates the governance criteria, the operational aspects of the hotel company and the environmental impacts of the resorts.  "Sustainability is at the core of our operations,- says Marcello Cicalò CEO of Bluserena Hotels & Resorts. -We are excited by this partnership with Savills. Together, we are committed to implementing green and socially responsible initiatives to reduce our environmental impact and create a sustainable working environment.” 

Eliminating plastic and reducing food waste are priorities

The parties are now examining the different thematic areas, listing the necessary actions in order of impact priority,  and setting up the ESG strategy and consequent action plan. Bluserena's commitment on these issues started at the beginning of 2023 with the reduction in the use of single-use plastic in resorts by 50% over the course of the year, the use of energy produced by photovoltaic panels, and the aim of equipping all the facilities with photovoltaic energy by 2027. In addition, Bluserena has implemented a policy of reducing food waste. 

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The island of Ortigia is the beating heart and the historical centre of the town of Syracuse (Siracusa in Italian) which is on Sicily’s south-eastern coast. 

Once the most powerful city in the western world

Barely a kilometre square Ortigia, which is linked to Syracuse

by a bridge, is also called the Città Vecchia (old town), its name deriving from the ancient Greek ortyx which means quail. For over a thousand years Siracusa, now a UNESCO World Heritage site was the capital of Sicily, and in the 5th century B.C. it was the most powerful city in the Mediterranean and in the western world.

ortigia 1

Papyrus plants grow in the Fonte Aretusa spring

The Fonte Aretusa, a fresh water spring dating back to the earliest Greek colonists, is a legendary symbol of Siracusa. The fountain and the Ciane and Fiume Freddo rivers near Catania are the only places in Europe where papyrus plants grows.  The fountain has views over the whole city: from the ruins of the Greek fortress of Euryalus to Mount Etna, and from the elegant fortress of Castello Maniace to the southernmost tip of Ortigia.

A 5th-century temple and the Jewish Quarter

A short walk brings you to the Piazza del Duomo square, universally recognized as one of the most beautiful in Italy. The Cathedral stands in the centre of the square, and inside there are columns from the 5th-century B.C. Temple of Athena, and a room dedicated to Santa Lucia, the patron saint of Siracusa.  The Giudecca Jewish quarter has an architectural style that is a mix of Medieval and Renaissance, Sicilian Baroque and Hebrew-Israelite. It has many interesting buildings, charming narrow streets and shops with traditional local foods and handmade products and it can also boast a lively nightlife with its many typical restaurants. 

ortigia 2

Beautiful beaches close to Ortigia

The Plemmirio Marine Park, which is about ten kilometres from Ortygia, is a protected area, and an ideal destination for nature excursions by sea and land. It is also close to the beaches of Arenella, Fontane Bianche, Ognina and Terrauzza. A few kilometres from the city the Fonte Ciane natural spring, which is circular in shape, is linked to the legend of the love story between the beautiful nymph Ciane and the Anapo river. 

For information: www.visitsicily.info/en/localita/siracusa/ 

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ITA Airways has put flights on sale for its new destinations in summer 2024.

The long-haul network is set to expand this summer

The summer season will see a new expansion of the network, and in particular the long-haul network. New flights from North America, Africa and the Middle East are in the crosshairs, with the following new flights, all operated from Rome Fiumicino: Chicago from 7 April 2024, six weekly frequencies, rising to seven from June; Toronto from 10 May 2024, six weekly frequencies, rising to seven from June to September and five in October; Riyadh from 5 May 2024, four weekly frequencies, rising to five from June: Accra from 6 June 2024, three weekly frequencies which will become four from July; Kuwait City from 7 June 2024, three weekly frequencies which will become five from July; Jeddah from August 2024, three weekly frequencies.

Flights operated by Airbus A330neos and Airbus A330-200s

The routes from Chicago and Toronto will be operated by the Airbus A330neo and Airbus A330-200 and will be in addition to ITA Airway’s current flights to New York, Boston, Miami, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Washington, Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo, Buenos Aires, Tokyo, New Delhi and Malè. Flights to Riyadh, Accra, Kuwait City and Jeddah will be operated with A321neo aircraft.

The Rome-Toronto is a strategic North American route

"The Rome-Toronto route is of great importance for ITA Airways in North America, giving the company strategic access, not only for point-to-point traffic but also for connections to other destinations within the country, combining both leisure and business traffic flows," explains a note from the carrier

West Africa and the Middle East are also strategic markets

The route to Accra, the only direct flight between Italy and Ghana, is a first step that will see increased services to and from West Africa, a major destination for both leisure and corporate traffic flows. The Middle East is another strategic market where the carrier is investing in three important routes: Riyadh for mainly business traffic, Jeddah as a gateway for new leisure and religious traffic, and Kuwait City for corporate travel.

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Everything in Cremona, for far from Milan, speaks of music and violins. 

Cremona has some 140 violin workshops

This city in northern Lombardy, just over 100 kilometres south-east of Milan, (so ideal for a day trip from Milan or Venice) it is the home par excellence of violins and violin makers, also called luthiers. It is also the birthplace of illustrious musicians and composers like Claudio Monteverdi and Amilcare Ponchielli, and today some 140 violin workshops hand down the tradition of the old masters. It was also the birthplace of Antonio Stradivari, the unsurpassed master who made some of the most beautiful stringed instruments known to man. 

stradivari violin cremona

Stradivari was an extraordinary luthier

Antonio Stradivari, who was born in 1643, produced over 1,100 violas, guitars, cellos and violins, and about 600 of his instruments still exist today. To learn more about violins, visit the Violin Museum in Piazza Marconi which has excellent multimedia exhibitions on the history of the violin and how it is made. 


A beautifully-preserved city centre 

Cremona is also known for its beautiful medieval and Renaissance architecture, such as the Torrazzo, one of the tallest medieval brick towers in Europe (at 112 metres high it is the second tallest in Italy) that houses one of the largest astronomical clocks in the world. The Piazza del Comune is the hub of the city's cultural and artistic heritage, a typical medieval square dominated by the Cathedral, the Baptistery, the Palazzo del Comune with the Torrazzo - the city's emblem - and the Loggia dei Militi. 

cremona 2

Cremona is also famous for its nougat 

Cremona is also a centre of excellence for meat, cheese and confectionery products. Its rich and tasty cuisine boasts exclusive recipes featuring local ingredients, such as the grande bollito Cremonese, mixed boiled meats, or marubini which are meat-stuffed parcels of pasta.  In the city centre you can visit the historic shop of the Sperlari confectionery company. This shop is an Italian institution that has been open since 1836, and specializes in many delicious types of torrone, Italian for nougat, and other traditional sweets.

Interesting activities for children

This is a very welcoming city for anyone travelling with children as there are plenty of activities they will enjoy, like a visit to the Archaeological Museum that has guided tours suitable for younger visitors. And children will be fascinated by a visit to a local workshop to see firsthand the ancient art of violin making, and of course to Sperlari to try some of the delicious local confectionery. For information:  www.turismocremona.it   

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"We proudly support the Valdichiana Senese as a candidate for Italian Capital of Culture 2026.” 

The 2026 candidate is a group of ten Tuscan municipalities

Eugenio Giani
Eugenio Giani

Tuscany’s regional president Eugenio Giani reacted positively to the news that the Valdichiana Senese is among the finalists to become Italian Capital of Culture 2026.

“The fact that for the first time a union of municipalities has been included in the shortlist of the ten finalist projects that will be evaluated next March, when the verdict will be reached, gives us the energy to support this candidacy,” he said.

“The Valdichiana combines past, present, history, culture, tradition and beauty”

"It will be a pleasure and an honour for us. We will strive to enhance even more the exceptional archaeological discovery of the 24 bronze sculptures from the Etruscan-Roman period found in San Casciano dei Bagni, a municipality that is one of the ten in the union of municipalities involved in the candidature. Overall,- continues Giani, - this candidacy is valid for many reasons. First and foremost, the Valdichiana is an area that comibnes the past and present, is unique in terms of history, culture, tradition and beauty, and has prestigious towns and villages and a chain of agricultural and food excellence.” 

The Region’s €1 million to promote the Valdichiana

If the Valdichiana Senese wins and becomes the Italian Capital of Culture 2026, the Region will contribute €1 million to give a further boost to the objectives defined in the candidacy project and to promote the cultural richness and future development of this extraordinary region.

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Camogli is a picture-perfect traditional fishing town not far from the more famous Cinque Terre, and just half an hour by car from tiny upmarket Portofino.

Relaxation, culture, and good food

Camogli is a somewhat hidden gem but well worth discovering for its brightly painted houses and its magnificent natural setting that enchants visitors in search of relaxation, culture, sea and good food. 

There are an enchanting little harbour and colourful historical buildings on the waterfront, and the magnificent promenade packed with bars and typical restaurants was built on the model of the promenade des Anglais in Nice, in neighbouring France. The Basilica of Santa Maria Assunta was built in the 12th century on a rocky outcropping overlooking the sea. It has three Baroque-style naves, crystal chandeliers and numerous works of art and valuable frescoes dating back from the 1500s. 

fishing town camogli liguria

30,000 plates of fish in one day

Every year on the second Sunday of May, Camogli celebrates its Fish Festival. The star of the show is the gargantuan frying pan which is four metres in diameter and has a six-meter handle.  It uses three tons of fresh fish and 3,000 litres of olive oil to produce 30,000 plates of fish for visitors to one of Italy’s tastiest festivities. Punta Chiappa, a traditional fishing village is one of the symbols of Camogli and a must-see. Divers will not want to miss its many caves like the Grotta dei Gamberi the name of which derives from the many tiny shrimps that cover its walls.

camogli fishing town in liguria  

San Fruttuoso Abbey and a luxury hotel 

Another interesting visit is to the Bay of San Fruttuoso, which can be reached by a steep road or by boat to admire the little village built around the monumental and complex of the Abbey of San Fruttuoso. There is a small sandy beach right in front of the Abbey.  Deep sea lovers will not want to miss the opportunity of diving down to see the famous Christ of the Abyss that was placed on the seabed of the bay of San Fruttuoso in 1954. Although pricey, the lovingly restored Cenobio Dei Dogi Hotel on the Bay of Camogli, is the best choice for anyone wanting to stay in the lap of history and elegance. And it has superb views from the pool terrace.

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Heavenly honeymoons under the Tuscan sun at Relais La Corte dei Papi in Cortona, one of the region’s most atmospheric and photogenic cities. 

Famous for the blockbuster movie Under the Tuscan Sun

Famed for the heart-warming love story and blockbuster movie Under the Tuscan Sun, Cortona offers an enchanting setting and romance by the bucket-load.  And for memorable honeymoons there is one of Tuscany’s most beautiful boutique hotels, Relais La Corte dei Papi. This classic country estate just a stone’s throw from Cortona, is set among olive groves and cypress pines, and is an authentic taste of rural Tuscany.

unnamed 1 1 1

An opulent honeymoon suite with an XL Jacuzzi

Relais La Corte dei Papi has built its award-winning reputation on its unique sense of laid-back luxury. An easy drive from Rome, Pisa, or Florence, this family-owned hotel perfectly combines the warmest of welcomes with an innate air of refined hospitality. Guests can choose from one of the 16 beautifully appointed suites, or the opulent L’Antico Granaio honeymoon suite which features split-level accommodation and an XL Jacuzzi pool. For guests looking for cultural experiences there are wine-tastings, cooking classes, and tours of the area with expert local guides. Private in-room massages, hot-air balloon rides and Ferrari drives will add a touch of adventure to any honeymoon.

unnamed 3 1

Gourmet fining and tailor-made honeymoon stays

The property’s gourmet cuisine and seasonal fresh produce take centre stage, highlighting the delicious flavours of Tuscany, from light lunches in the gardens or beside the pool, to savouring five-star dining in the restaurant. At La Corte dei Papi romantic breaks and honeymoons can be tailor-made for complete relaxation or romantic breaks in this picture-postcard Tuscan property with its unique sense of old-school glamour and romance.

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Borghese Contemporary Hotel, ideal for an art stay in the heart of Rome, blends innovative design and art.

Close to the Pantheon and the Spanish Steps 

Borghese Contemporary Hotel is a unique destination for those who wish to experience art during their stay in the Eternal City.  The property is just a few minutes from the Pantheon and Rome’s elegant shopping street Via Condotti, and also the Spanish Steps and the Trevi Fountain.

"Each space has been designed with art as the fulcrum"

The 4-star boutique hotel embodies the vision of its owners, the brothers Romeo and Guglielmo Piperno. "The Borghese Contemporary Hotel combines our deep passion for modern art and contemporary art" - says Guglielmo Piperno. "Each space has been designed with art as the fulcrum, with different works that give personality to the areas. The aim is to introduce established and new artists" - continues Romeo Piperno. 


The Picasso Suite has a print signed by the Spanish artist

Art reaches into every corner of Borghese Contemporary Hotel, from the public areas to the rooms and suites. Each of the 24 rooms has its own distinctive artistic identity. Among these, three stand out: the Borghese Suite, named after the historic building and the area where the property is located in Largo della Fontanella di Borghese, the Elle Suite, a tribute to the Brazilian artist Elle De Bernardini, and the Picasso Suite with a print of a 1960 work by the Spanish. The peculiarity of this work lies in the artist’s handwritten signature, adding a unique and personal value.  

For information: https://www.mascagnicollection.com/borghesecontemporaryhotel/

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The long-awaited Palazzo Cordusio Gran Meliá has finally opened its doors, the Spanish group’s first hotel in Milan. 

Meliá’s first Milanese hotel

In historic Palazzo Venezia, which is part of the Generali group’s heritage and the company's Milan headquarters for more than a century, the new hotel marks the Spanish brand's arrival in the Lombard capital, and stands alongside its sister property in Rome the Villa Agrippina. 

mini Palazzo Cordusio 4Palazzo Cordusio Gran Meliá

There will be two restaurants, a wellness area and a gym 

The redistribution of the interior spaces has made it possible to create 84 rooms and suites while the F&B outlets have been entrusted to Sunset Hospitality Group and are divided into four different concepts: the Gioia Pasticceria, the Giardino Cordusio cocktail bar, and the Italian and Japanese restaurants Isola and Sachi. On the first floor, guests will also have access to a wellness area with an indoor swimming pool, sauna, Turkish bath and relaxation area, while on the third floor there is a Technogym-equipped gym with a view of Palazzo della Ragione and Piazza Mercanti.

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Aeroitalia is putting the spotlight on Milan Bergamo Airport where it will launch a new route from London’s Southend airport on 25 March 2024. 

Fast rail links between Southend Airport and central London

The flights which are already on sale, will operate daily except Saturdays, with Boeing 737-800 aircraft configured with 189 seats. The strategic decision to operate from London Southend Airport was also taken in virtue of the excellent links between the airport and central London, which can be reached by train in just 52 minutes. The railway station right opposite the airport terminal makes for easy and fast connections to the city.

“This new route will become a bridge between cultures” 

"We are determined to continue to improve and expand our operations, always offering high quality services. We are confident that this new route will become a bridge between cultures, connecting our beautiful Italian cities with the vibrant energy of London,” said Gaetano Intrieri, CEO of Aeroitalia.

A route serving the British capital and the Essex region

Giacomo Cattaneo, aviation sales director of Sacbo, the managing company of Milan Bergamo Airport, added: "The new route operated by Aeroitalia from London Southend to Milan Bergamo coincides with the start of the 2024 summer season. Our airport's network is strengthened with a destination that allows us to serve both the Essex region and the British capital thanks to the rail connection with two lines that quickly and frequently reach the centre of London.” 

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