ItaliAbsolutely unlocks the magic of Italy with exclusive fam trips for travel professionals

By Thursday, 07 September 2023 08:00

ItaliAbsolutely is ready to unveil its new exclusive fam trips which have been meticulously crafted for discerning travel professionals and tourism experts seeking the epitome of Italy's offerings for their clients.

Messina in Sicily is the first destination

Our inaugural destination is the vibrant coastal city of Messina, the gateway to Sicily across the Strait that separates this island gem from mainland Italy. From October 18 to 21, 2023 a carefully selected cadre of international Italy specialists, who have displayed genuine enthusiasm for this destination and completed our contact form, will join us on this Sicilian adventure. Their hosts for these four days of B2B meetings, exciting excursions, and immersive experiences, will be the FEISCT, the Strait Port System, the Messina Chamber of Commerce, the Italian Blue Route, the Marco Polo Project, the Medfort  Study Centre and the La Città del Sole Social Cooperative in collaboration with ItaliAbsolutely.

Discover more about the Fam Trip "Meet Tourism Messina"

Sharing insider insights into fundamental Italy

With three decades of insider knowledge in tourism and publishing, and a track record of organizing over 600 remarkable trade events, the Travel Quotidiano Group, has an edge in crafting unique, value-packed experiences for travel experts. And here at ItaliAbsolutely, the Group’s English-language portal, we eagerly anticipate sharing our insider insights into this enchanting corner of Sicily with our international guests

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A full-immersion in the coastal gem of Messina 

The meticulously curated programme encompasses daily B2B sessions with local DMCs, DMOs, and travel suppliers, alongside a myriad of visits and excursions. From the awe-inspiring Messina Cathedral, hailed as one of Sicily's architectural treasures, to the intricacies of the astronomical clock, a true masterpiece of art and engineering, and participants will also have the opportunity to revel in the city's eclectic and eccentric Art Nouveau architecture. Our itinerary further includes visits to a Feluca shipyard and the quaint seaside village of Ganzirri which is steeped in ancient maritime traditions. Added to which there will be a sailing expedition on a catamaran and a thrilling jeep excursion into the mountains around Messina.

Unlocking the magic of Italy

Participants will enjoy quality hosted accommodations in city hotels. They will also savor the gastronomic delights of Messina in local restaurants, as they forge connections with their new professional partners. At their journey's end they will leave enriched with profound knowledge of this fascinating Sicilian destination, ready to impart their newfound expertise to their valued clientele.

ItaliAbsolutely’s second 2023 fam trip is to Palermo for the BTE Non-hotel Tourism Exchange on 7-12 November  

The BTE Non-Hotel Tourism Exchange to be hekd in Palermo from 7 to 12 November 2023 promises to be a remarkable B2B event featuring the today and the tomorrow of non-hotel tourism innovation and growth.

The BTE focuses on the non-hotel sector

Focusing on the non-hotel sector, the BTE Exchange encompasses a wide range of accommodations beyond traditional hotels, including vacation rentals, B&Bs, guesthouses, and more. Starting with three days to familiarize with Palermo and its surrounding area, the international participants will then engage in three insightful B2B workshops.

 Local companies will interact with international buyers

Serving as a bridge between tourism professionals, these working sessions will allow local players to showcase their products and their expertise, forging partnerships with global partners who will be able to explore this captivating destination and the dynamic industry opportunities it offers.  

Discover more about The BTE Non-Hotel Tourism Exchange in Palermo

Travel specialists are invited to join future fams

For each event we handpick attendees who've shown genuine interest and completed our contact form.

ItaliAbsolutely’s fam trips, a new and surefire way to unlock the magic of Italy like never before.

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