Sardinia’s historic Trenino Verde, Europe’s longest tourist railway network

By Sunday, 07 November 2021 10:00

There is an alternative way to discover the fabulous landscapes of Sardinia. Just tak the Trenino Verde (Little Green Train) that connects the coast to the hinterland. Traveling along the historic Trenino Verde railway line, that for 130 years has connected the interior of Sardinia to the coast, you will discover villages suspended in time, breathtaking landscapes and spectacular views along this journey to a very authentic and lesser-known side of the island.

Narrow-gauge tracks and unhurried journeys

The Trenino Verde is the longest tourist railway network in Europe, measures 438 kilometres and has five different branches. This line that will lead you to the heart of the region originates from the old narrow-gauge tracks built between the 19th and 20th centuries, days in which rail travel was unhurried and along winding routes towards marvellous landscaped areas.

There are five routes from the coast into the interior

During the 1980s these old complementary routes got a new lease of life with the Trenino Verde, so called because of the many stretches rich in vegetation encountered along the way.  There are five lines and the train operates all year round carrying passengers from the coastal areas towards the interior of Sardinia.

Palau Palau

Palau - Tempio

This part of the route crosses the whole of the Gallura region along the Sassari-Palau railway line. The journey is 59 kilometres long and lasts about three and a half hours. The train leaves from Palau and arrives in Tempio, the highest point on the line at over 500 meters asl.

Bosa Bosa

Macomer - Bosa

This route is 46 kilometres long and takes an hour and fifty minutes. On the first part of the journey it passes through the Campeda Plateau, at over 500 meters asl, before descending towards Tresnuraghes and the sea at ​​Bosa.


Mandas - Laconi

The itinerary from Mandas to Laconi is 37 kilometres long and passes through the beautiful Sarcidano and Barbagia di Belvì areas, taking two hours and forty-five minutes.  

Mandas - Seui

This route is 72 kilometres long and takes three hours and forty minutes, passing through the Gennargentu mountain range, past the Flumendosa river and into the wild mountains of the Barbagia region.

Arbatax Arbatax

Arbatax - Gairo

This 62-kilometre route takes three hours and a half with the Trenino Verde passing through the mountain villages of Elini and Lanusei, past the Lago Alto del Flumendosa lake and arriving in Gairo Taquisara, where you can experience the unusual and fascinating circumstance of visiting the ghost villages of Osini Vecchio and Gairo Vecchio. 

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