The Marches. Land of a hundred theatres

Thursday, 02 December 2021 15:17

Travel is discovery, a story to be shared, a sensational performance!  

Travelling to discover the beauties of Italy and, with them, to rediscover ourselves. Travelling to enjoy unrepeatable experiences, and to be the protagonist of extraordinary happenings. Travelling to the melody of small and major events and losing yourself in the musical soul of unique and evocative places.


Enjoylive Travel and Noteinviaggio, two tour operators who have specialized in the organization of musical and cultural trips for over 20 years, have put together their ideas, resources and enthusiasm to create a new project: Italia in Scena.

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Italia in Scena by Enjoylive Travel and Noteinviaggio showcases Italy’s cultural abundance in all its splendour, with a series of themed journeys enhanced by exclusive and live events, musical experiences, good food and wines.

Our goal is to offer numerous and varied travel opportunities to lovers of music, culture, and beauty. To grow through partnerships with travel agencies, adopting a didactic and enlightened approach. To collaborate with theatres, groups and associations to make music - which is one of Italy's greatest resources – really shine. 

Curtain up, it's showtime!

Our products are:

Gli Inediti

Unique journeys built around musical and cultural themes, exploring their historic and artistic relationships and connections. All our journeys are special, but Gli Inediti are even more unique because Italia in Scena teams up with historians and art experts, musicologists and musicians, museum directors and specialised guides. Italian music and culture is a living thing, and with Gli Inediti we want to you to hear all its resonance and taste all its flavours.

A riveder le stelle

And so we come to our A riveder le stelle tour, for which we use the words of the great poet Dante, to invite you on ad hoc journeys and delighting in music, opera and dance celebrities in some of Italy's most important theatres. That's where we will take you, and you will also discover many breathtaking attractions in these cities and towns of international musical repute.  

La Città Ideale

Inspired by the concept of the ideal city, which breathed life into art and culture in Italy during Renaissance times, our La Città Ideale trips focus on Italian cities and towns in which we seek unique perspectives through scheduled events, music festivals, major exhibitions and visits to enchanting and secret corners.

In armonia

In the Greek Pantheon Harmony, who is the daughter of Aphrodite and Ares, represents love and harmony, and over time harmony has entered the musical lexicon to express the bond between notes and their simultaneous composition. In Armonia brings you into historical homes, country houses and period residences in some of the most enchanting parts of Italy to rediscover ourselves, and to delight in the company of others at private musical gatherings, conferences and comprehensive courses.

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A tour of the theatres of Pesaro-Urbino, the land of Rossini and Raphael.

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