Guglielmo Giudice, the chef of Rivington, the first New York-inspired restaurant inside the Hyatt Centric Milan Centrale, proposes a romantic recipe for Valentine's Day: Pre-salted Lamb Chop with Herb Bread, Red Fruit Jus and Truffled Potatoes.  

Rivington Restaurant - Hyatt Centric Milan Rivington Restaurant - Hyatt Centric Milan

The pre-salted lamb is raised in Normandy in France

The pre-salted, agneau de pré-salé, is a type of lamb raised in the salt marsh meadows of France, particularly in Normandy, as well as in parts of the UK and the Netherlands. The lambs graze on herb-covered land with a high salt and iodine content, giving their meat a distinct and naturally savoury flavour. 

Pre-salted Lamb Chop with Herb Bread, Red Fruit Jus and Truffled Potatoes.

Guglielmo Giudice Chef Rivington

Difficulty: medium      

Preparation time: 2.30 hours      

Ingredients for 2: 1 kilo rack of pre-salted lamb 

For the herb breadcrumbs 

100 gr breadcrumbs

50 gr parsley

1 sprig of thyme

6 basil leaves

4 mint leaves 

Olive oil to taste

Salt and pepper

Blanch the aromatic leaves for 30 seconds, cool them in water and ice to preserve the colour. Dry them with a cloth and blend together with the breadcrumbs. Add a little oil and season with salt and pepper.

For the lamb stock

1 onion

½ carrot

1 sprig of rosemary  

1 sprig of thyme

200 gr lamb offal

200 gr lamb bones previously baked in the oven for 20 minutes at 200°C

30 gr blueberries

30 gr blackberries

30 gr raspberries

1 knob of butter

Brown the vegetables, adding the meat scraps previously sautéed quickly in a pan over high heat and the bones - add 500 gr ice and put back on the heat. Every time the bottom dries out, repeat the ice operation x 3 times. Cook about 2 hours. Separately, sauté blueberries, blackberries and raspberries with a knob of butter for a few minutes, once ready add a small ladle (50 cl) of sauce and mix.

For the truffle potato 

2 potatoes 




Scorzone truffle 

Bake the foil-lined potatoes in the oven for about 1 hour at 180°C. Once cooked, peel them. Mash while still hot, using a fork and season with salt, oil, pepper and black truffle to taste.

For the lamb

To prepare the meat, sear the already portioned lamb loin. Vacuum bag the seared lamb, adding a clove of onion roasted on a griddle, a poached garlic and evo oil.
Bake for 1 hour and 30 minutes with a Roner at 56°C, failing that go directly to the breadcrumbs and bake for 10 minutes at 180°C making sure to keep the meat pink inside. When cooked, brush the meat with honey diluted in warm water. Sandwich with herb bread. Bake for 4 minutes at 185°C.  Plate the lamb chops, adding 2 quenelles of truffled potato and finish with the hot lamb and red berry sauce.

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Milan, like all great cities has many a hidden treasure, and one not to miss is the ancient vineyard in the centre of the city that belonged to one of the greatest artists of all times, Leonardo da Vinci.  

A unique experience for visitors to Milan

Of course no visit to Milan is complete without a visit to the complex of Santa Maria delle Grazie to admire Leonardo’s masterpiece The Last Supper.  But not many visitors realize they can also visit the ancient vineyard that belonged to the Maestro. It is surrounded by legends involving Leonardo, his works and his followers and today visitors can admire the rows of the original vine stock.

1432815993 ultimacena.jpgThe Last Supper - Leonardo da Vinci

Leonardo realized many great works for Duke Ludovico

While Leonardo was working in Milan, in 1498 Ludovico il Moro, the duke of the city, gave him the vineyard in thanks for the admirable works with which he was embellishing the city: from The Last Supper to the equestrian monument to Francesco Sforza - later never realized - to the Virgin of the Rocks of which he painted two versions.  Today one is in the Louvre Museum in Paris and the other in the National Gallery in London.

Leonardo Da Vinci Vineyard Milan

The world’s only vineyard in a city centre is on a busy shopping street

The Casa degli Atellani, a 15th-century residence belonged to Ludovico il Moro and, historically it is the last surviving trace of the ancient Borgo delle Grazie. Today is at numbers 65-67 on Corso Magenta a busy shopping street in the centre of the city. Located near the Dominican monastery of Santa Maria delle Grazie, which is also known as Leonardo’s Last Supper Museum,  the vineyard is in the courtyard of the Casa degli Atellani, a splendid 15rh-century residence that belonged to Ludovico.  The ancient vineyard is some 8,300 square metres in size, and has survived the vicissitudes of centuries and even the 1943 bombings. It is the only vineyard in the world that still exists in a metropolitan centre as well as being a journey through history, art and nature where you can immerse yourself in the world of Leonardo, the greatest  Renaissance painter, sculptor and inventor.

Guided tours to discover the passions and works of Leonardo

Leonardo’s Vineyard was reopened to the public on the occasion of the 2015 Expo. A guided tour takes you on a tour of one of the most fascinating and unsuspected places in the city centre entering Leonardo da Vinci’s world to discover his passions and the traces he left in the city of Milan. The ancient vineyard and the museum are open from Tuesdays to Sundays from 9 am to 6 pm, with the last entrance at 5.30 pm. For information: https://www.vignadileonardo.com/en

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The Mongolian yurt is one of the oldest nomadic refuges in history, and in the Alta Valtaro on the Apennines in the province of Parma, the Ca' Cigolara agricamping has nine of these typical circular tents.  

The yurts are heated by pellet stoves

Sleeping from three to six people, these hippie chic yurts come from Mongolia, and are a comfortable and colourful choice of outdoor accommodation. Made from natural materials, they are perfect for winter as they are raised on wooden platforms and heated by pellet stoves. The perfect solution after a day’s hiking in the Apennine valleys, in the evening if you are lucky you can spot deer through the yurt’s door! 

mini Ca Cigolara in Alta Valtaro PR 1

mini Ca Cigolara in Alta Valtaro PR 2

For information:

mini Ecobnb Yurte Soul Shelter Om e Shanti 1 Soul Shelter

The Soul Shelter close to Turin with Jacuzzi yurts

A place for meditation, yoga and holistic disciplines, in the woods: this is the Yurte Soul Shelter (Om and Shanti) in Gassino Torinese (TO), 20 minutes from the historic centre of Turin. These two chic yurts set in the woods are made of natural materials including wood, felt and fabric, are lit by low-consumption lamps, heated by wood and sanitised with eco-friendly detergents.
They are a perfect choice for lovers of outdoor stays, and they also have Jacuzzi showers - because perfect relaxation loves luxurious details. 

For information: www.ecobnb.com - Find your sustainable accomodation

Travel tips for glamping stays

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Treviso is a city to love. It is one of the Veneto region’s least known cities, but it really deserves more attention as it is packed with genuine northern Italian charm.  

A medieval Roman city with waterways and frescoes

Capital of the province of the same name, Treviso lies in the Veneto plain, 20 kilometers north of Venice, on the border of Italy’s Prosecco wine region. Prosecco is, of course, another reason not to miss this little gem with its narrow cobbled streets, waterways, frescoed churches and 15th-century medieval city walls. Treviso was a Roman city, and they built the three city gates: the Porta San Tommaso, Porta Santi Quaranta, and Porta Altinia.

Sitting down with a glass of chilled Prosecco sparkling wine

Before sitting down for a chilled glass of Italy’s most famous sparkling wine, let’s start exploring. The heart of this Veneto city, which is packed with charm, and the favourite haunt of locals, is the Piazza dei Signori square with its Palazzo dei Trecento and elegant Loggia Dei Cavalieri. Two rivers, the Sile and the Cagnan, and the Buranelli canal add to the charm of the historic centre where porticoed houses with handsome frescoed façades reflect charmingly in the city’s vine and flower-draped waterways.

treviso Piazza dei Signori Piazza dei Signori

Priceless works of art

Although badly damaged by WW II bombing, Treviso's art-filled churches have been remarkably well restored. In the five-domed Cathedral take time to admire the Malchiostro Chapel, the frescoes by Pordenone and the altarpiece with the Annunciation painted by Titian in 1517. The Museum of Santa Caterina dei Servi di Maria has many interesting masterpieces including the cycle of the Stories of St Ursula by Tommaso da Modena, and works by G. Bellini and Titian. It also houses frescoes rescued from patrician homes, public buildings, and churches that were scheduled for demolition which are a fascinating glimpse of 19th-century Treviso.

radicchio treviso

Radicchio red chicory and white asparagus

Don’t miss the Dominican Church of San Nicolò with its famous Chapter House frescoed by Tommaso da Modena, and art lovers will also enjoy the Casa dei Cararresi, a popular venue for prestigious international exhibitions. This Veneto city is also famous for its Radicchio Rosso chicory, white asparagus and its wines including that famous Prosecco, while typical local delicacies not to be missed include risi e bisi (rice with peas) and sopa coada (pigeon soup).  

For more information

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Strange as it may seem Rome, the Eternal City, has 19 obelisks, which is to say more than any other place in the world. Eight of these are from ancient Egypt, five from ancient Rome and then there are modern obelisks.  

obelisk rome 2

The pyramid opposite the Ostiense train station

So it is then not all that strange that Rome should also have a pyramid. It is an excellent example of the very strong influence ancient Egyptian culture had on the Roman Empire. Rome’s pyramid is the only one of its kind in Europe and can only be accessed by special permission. But it is easy to find as it stands on a busy traffic corner in Rome’s Ostiense district, just past the Colisseum and the Maximus Circus, opposite the Ostiense train station and beside Rome’s little Protestant Cemetery. 

The ancient inscription is on the sides

The pyramid was built some 2000 years ago as a mausoleum for the magistrate and priest Caius Cestius who left orders in his will for his descendants to receive their inheritance only if they ensured the work was completed within 330 days of his death.  And they did, building a brick and cement pyramid, most probably between 18 and 12 BC. It is some 36 metres high and is covered with white Carrara marble. The interior was decorated with colourful frescoes, as has been described by early travelers, but these have faded, though on the sides we can clearly read the exact words of Cestius’ will as written by his descendants. 

Part of Rome’s protective city walls

One reason it probably survived in such good shape is that Emperor Aurelian incorporated it into the walls that protected the city. While people take it for a typical Egyptian pyramid, in fact archaeologists say that the sharp angles and steep rise to the severe point at the top make it more similar to the ancient Nubian pyramids rather than to the more familiar pyramids of Giza.

For more information

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Rome’s Fiumicino airport, rated Europe's best airport for quality over the last five years, has been awarded the 5-star Skytrax rating, the highest accolade given by the international air transport rating organization.

Services have been boosted and new areas opened

In the last two years, despite the effects of the pandemic crisis, Fiumicino’s Leonardo da Vinci International Airport has consistently maintained very high quality standards. Among other improvements it has opened the new A Boarding Area for an additional capacity of 6 million passengers. Operational services have also been boosted with new areas reserved for security and immigration controls, and enhanced sales areas.

Fiumicino joins a select group of global hubs of the highest excellence

With the 5 Skytrax stars Fiumicino joins a select group of global hubs of the highest excellence, including Seoul, Singapore, Tokyo and Munich airports.

"This recognition - said managing director Aeroporti di Roma, Marco Troncone - puts Fiumicino in the elite of the best airports in the world, and we commit to its long-term development, consolidating Rome and Italy’s centrality as an international hub."


“At Fiumicino we are now seeing very tangible improvements in passenger facilities” 

Edward Plaisted, CEO of Skytrax, said: "We are delighted to recognize Fiumicino airport with 5 Skytrax stars for 2023. Only twelve hubs in the world, including two in Europe, have managed to achieve this rating. The level of detail is commendable and the airport not only offers very good international standards, but above all contributes to enhancing Rome, and Italy in general. Over the last 6-7 years the airport has implemented a very clear quality improvement plan, and at Fiumicino we are now seeing very tangible improvements in passenger facilities and customer experience.”

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In 2022 the Frasassi Caves Consortium had a turnover that exceeded 2019, the pre covid year, and some 270,000 visitors, making the caves in the Marche one of the most visited and popular natural sites in Italy. 

Over 85,000 visitors in August 

Despite the fact that attendance was affected by the pandemic in the first months of 2022, over 85,000 visitors were recorded in August alone, and some 7,000 people visited the Genga karstic site during the 2022 Christmas holidays. Numbers that confirm the commitment of the Frasassi Caves Consortium and Genga’s municipality in promoting the site and the entire Marche region. 

Frasassi Caves

“We are one of the most visited natural sites in Italy” 

“Thanks to a marketing plan designed to relaunch the area after the difficult pandemic years, which has seen the planning of strategic promotions aimed at increasing both Italian and foreign visitors, we can say that we are among the most visited natural sites in Italy,” said Genga’s mayor Marco Filipponi.

The caves have featured in popular Italian TV programmes  

Starting with the celebrations for the 50th anniversary of the discovery of the Frasassi Caves there was a concert broadcast on Italian TV’s RAI 1 as well as programmes such as Porta a Porta and Domenica In that promoted the natural beauty of the Frasassi caves, while at Easter they featured in a living tableau inspired by Leonardo da Vinci’s The Last Supper.  The Frasassi Caves Consortium is also active in implementing didactic events for students of primary, secondary and high schools. 

Read more: Frasassi Caves' spectacular guided tours 


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Volotea relaunches in the Marche region with its first international flight from Ancona’s Raffaello Sanzio airport to Paris-Charles De Gaulle on May 27, operating twice weekly on Tuesdays and Saturdays. 

We anticipate an increase in the number of inbound and outbound passengers

"Thanks to the new flights it will be possible to organize holidays and short-breaks in one of the most beautiful and romantic cities in the world," said Valeria Rebasti, Volotea's Country Manager Italy & Southeastern Europe. Alexander D'Orsogna, managing director of Ancona International Airport said the moment is “unique and historic. With the new fights we are taking leap forward in quality and recognition at an international level. We anticipate an increase in the number of inbound and outbound passengers, not just for tourism but also business travellers, and we hope that this can benefit the regional economy.”

A significant day for the development of tourism

Marco Bruschini, director of Atim, the Marche Agency for Tourism said “today is significant for the development of tourism in the Marche region and for its industries. A strong intermodality will allow the region to be more easily present at major international promotional events.”

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Helvetia & Bristol Firenze, a Starhotels Collezione, joins Virtuoso's exclusive portfolio of luxury travel partners, comprising over 2,200 selected members in more than 100 countries. 

Virtuoso's agencies generate some $25-30 billion annually

Starhotels Collezione’s inclusion in Virtuoso offers new opportunities in sales and marketing with the network's more than 20,000 luxury travel advisors and their high-end clientele says Federico Versari, general manager Helvetia & Bristol Firenze – Starhotels Collezione. With approximately $25-30 billion annual bookings generated by Virtuoso's agencies globally, the network is the most significant in the world of luxury travel.

Helvetia & Bristol Firenze

“Our hotel has a sartorial approach to service”

"Virtuoso's selection and acceptance process is incredibly selective, which is why becoming a preferred partner is a real honour for us, - adds Versari.  - The reputation Virtuoso member agencies have for extraordinary dedication to their clients fits perfectly with our hotel’s sartorial approach to service. Now that we are part of this network, we look forward to offering Virtuoso's consultants and clients an even more special experience, and to exceeding their expectations."

Helvetia & Bristol Firenze

Virtuoso partners specialize in outstanding services and experiences 

So Helvetia & Bristol joins Virtuoso, a collection of the best luxury hotels, resorts, cruise lines, airlines, tour operators and travel businesses around the world. These partners, specializing in outstanding services and experiences, offer unique and valuable travel opportunities. Helvetia & Bristol's inclusion in Virtuoso also enables direct connections with leading leisure travel agencies in North America, Latin America, the Caribbean, Europe, Asia Pacific, Africa and the Middle East.

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Norse Atlantic Airways will add daily direct flights from JFK to Rome Fiumicino airport from 19 June.

"Passengers on both sides of the Atlantic will enjoy value, excellent in-flight service and comfort”

The JFK to Rome flights - which will make the Eternal City the fifth European capital on which the carrier operates direct services to JFK - will depart Rome at 19.30 and land at JFK at 23.00, while the return flight will depart JFK at 01.00 and land in Rome at 15.45.

"Passengers on both sides of the Norse Atlantic Airways will enjoy value, excellent in-flight service and comfort as they travel between these two cities. The addition of Rome to our network will provide another gateway to Europe and boost our presence in New York," said Bjorn Tore Larsen, CEO of Norse Atlantic Airways.


Dreamliners with economy and premium class

Norse Atlantic Airways operates exclusively with Boeing 787 Dreamliner aircraft and two cabin classes, Economy and Premium: the latter's cabin configuration features seats with a 43-inch pitch and a 12-inch recline. The choice is between Light, Classic and Plus fares. Light fares are Norse's value option, while Plus fares include a maximum baggage allowance, two meals, enhanced airport and in-flight experiences, and better ticket flexibility

“North American traffic is expected to exceed pre-Covid levels”

"This new direct flight to New York JFK will complete the overall offer between the two cities with an evening outbound service, - said Ivan Bassato, chief aviation officer Aeroporti di Roma.  - By choosing Rome Fiumicino, Norse has recognized the operational excellence of our airport and the appeal of our market, as confirmed by North American traffic that is expected to exceed pre-Covid levels.”

The Norse fleet consists of 15 Boeing 787 Dreamliners

Norse was founded by CEO and main shareholder Bjørn Tore Larsen in March 2021: the company operates a fleet of 15 Boeing 787 Dreamliners serving destinations such as New York, Los Angeles, Fort Lauderdale, Orlando, Oslo, London, Berlin, Rome and Paris. The company's first flight took off from Oslo to New York on 14 June 2022.

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